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Astronautical Art Initiative

The Archive of Art in Outer Space

The Astronautical Art Initiative is a non-profit organisation on a mission to build the most comprehensive archive of art in outer space.

Newest artworks in the archive



Children from The Neighborhood Academy



Luke Idziak

Space Jewel

Space Jewel

Freddy Shachar Kislev

Featured astronautical art collections

Sojourner 2020

Sojourner 2020


An international art payload sent to the ISS by the MIT Space Exploration Initiative

Rakia Art Project

Rakia Art Project

Ars Ad Astra

Ars Ad Astra


Defining the Edge of Space

The Karman Line


8 Mar 2024



NASA Unveils Design for Message Heading to Jupiter’s Moon Europa

When it launches in October, the agency’s Europa Clipper spacecraft will carry a richly layered dispatch that includes more than 2.6 million names submitted by the public.

5 Mar 2024


The Spacecraft Agency

The Spacecraft Agency launches Kid's Art Show to space

The PY4 mission, a collaboration between The Spacecraft Agency, NASA, Astrobotic Moonshot Museum and The Neighborhood Academy brought kid's art to outer space.

29 Feb 2024


University of Arizona

All-artist crew take on simulated moon mission

The Imagination 1 mission will generate creative work shaped by the limitations and possibilities of life and culture beyond Earth.

15 Feb 2024


Intuitive Machines and SpaceX successfully launch IM-1 mission to the Moon, containing artworks by Jeff Koons and Galactic Legacy Labs

Odysseus' epic moon quest is underway.

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In support of the Space 18th SDG proposal

“Only by expanding the domain of life into space can we fulfill the 17 SDGs on Earth in the long term. Therefore, the Space Renaissance International and the National Space Society, in partnership with many other space organizations, urge UN COPUOS State Parties to develop and introduce a resolution for a Space 18th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), calling for the expansion of community life into space to achieve universal and sustainable development for the whole humanity, life, and the life support environment, on Earth and beyond.”

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