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Laser etched kapton tape on spacecraft solar panel

The Spacecraft Agency, NASA, The Neighbourhood Academy

The PY4 Space Art Mission, a collaboration between The Spacecraft Agency, NASA Ames Research Center, Astrobotic Moonshot Museum, and The Neighborhood Academy, brought kids' art to outer space in a spectacular display of creativity and innovation. This project, The Spacecraft Agency's third art-in-space mission, aimed to inspire children and showcase their artistic talents on a cosmic scale.

The adventure kicked off with a visit to the Moonshot Museum, where children immersed themselves in the wonders of space exploration. Guided by educators and NASA staff, they learned about the intersection of art and space, igniting their imaginations.

Luke Idziak, The Spacecraft Agency's curator and NASA Spacecraft Systems Designer, shared captivating stories and insights, inspiring the children to explore their creativity and dream of the possibilities beyond Earth's atmosphere. Next, the children participated in a workshop, where they created drawings inspired by the Golden Record—a symbol of humanity's shared heritage and aspirations.

With their drawings completed, Idziak took them to NASA's labs where the artworks were carefully laser-cut onto kapton tape, a durable material suitable for space travel. These then adorned the solar panels of four NASA PY4 cubesats, transforming them into celestial canvases carrying the dreams of young artists into the cosmos.

The PY4 cubesats were launched on March 4th 2024 onboard the SpaceX Transporter 10 mission, and are currently in Low Earth Orbit.

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Children from The Neighborhood Academy



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Laser etched kapton tape on spacecraft solar panel



+/- 7 x 5 cm



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Launch vehicle / mission:

SpaceX Transporter 10

Host spacecraft / hardware:

NASA PY4 cubesat


Launch location:

Vandenberg Space Force Base

Launch date:

4 Mar 2024

Orbit / space location:


Return vehicle:

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Client / Agency:

The Spacecraft Agency, NASA, The Neighbourhood Academy


Children from The Neighborhood Academy

School children


Children from The Neighborhood Academy


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