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Dialog at 8 km per second

Dialog at 8 km per second


Audio dialogue

Center for Digital Art in Holon, Rakia mission

I just floated around and looked at the earth and I said: “my job right now is just to be a human being, just be a person. And you know, I stopped being an astronaut, there I was a human being in space…” Rusty Scheickart, the first astronaut to test the moon suit in the vacuum of space. Dialog at Eight Km/Second is a collaboration between the astronaut and Dana Yahalomi (public movement), which will be taking place through several conversations the two will be holding throughout the training, while on board the Space Station and after his return to Earth.

The dialogs will form a performance space, which will enable the astronaut to showcase himself together with the artist and to echo the dissonance between the substance of the astronaut and his substance as a human, the tension between the human, everyday, intimate experience and the laboratorial, synthetic, documented living space.

The outputs of the conversations will be transformed into an audio work which addresses the listener as a potential agent that is faced with the dilemmas and conflicts arising from the conversations - can the chasms between the makeup of the human soul and the accelerating technological progress be bridged? the conflict between the desire to cross the boundary between the possible, the familiar - and gravitate onto the side of danger of losing everything which defines us as humans.

Technical information:

Artwork name:

Dialog at 8 km per second




Dana Yahalomi



This work is part of the following collection:

Rakia Art Project

Audio dialogue






IAAA Art Style:

Launch vehicle / mission:

Axiom Mission 1

Host spacecraft / hardware:

Crew Dragon Endeavour



Launch location:

Kennedy Space Center

Launch date:

8 Apr 2022

Orbit / space location:

International Space Station (ISS)

Return vehicle:

End date:



Client / Agency:

Center for Digital Art in Holon, Rakia mission


Dana Yahalomi

Artist, Director Public Movement


Dana Yahalomi


Rakia Art Project


Rakia Art Project


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