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Michael Böhme



Michael Böhme was born in 1943 in Chemnitz, and lives and works in Konstanz by Lake Constance.
He spent his child-and young adult-hood in Plauen and Kassel. Later, he studied law in Marburg, and until he retired he worked as a judge and district attorney in Konstanz. He was interested in painting since his early childhood. For his concentrated studies, he was given expert advice and encouragement from, amongst others, Professor Hasso Bruse from the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Through his participation in the first art exhibition in outer space on the MIR Space Station in 1995, he was made known to a larger public. In 2003, two prints from the well-known artist of Space Art and Symbolism were destroyed when the Space Shuttle Columbia burned up upon entering the earth’s atmosphere.
His paintings were often the subject of national and international reporting.

On the one hand, the main themes of his art are the symbolic representation of human feelings and experiences, while on the other hand, the themes deal with conflicts of our threatened environment. Other essential themes of his artistic works are the universe, and the poetry of landscapes. His works are shown in private and public art collections, as well as in international exhibitions and in publications. Michael Böhme is a member of the Art Club Konstanz, the Art Gild Esslingen and the Inter Art Stuttgart. Furthermore, he was voted in to become a “fellow member”(for his exemplary interpretation of space art) of the International Association of Astronomical Artists(IAAA).


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