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Space engineer, artist


Hady Milani


I am a space engineer and had the privilege to take part in numerous space related projects collaborating also with German Space Agency (DLR), NASA, European Space Agency (ESA) and Russian Academy of Cosmonautics. I underwent training as a suborbital scientist-astronaut candidate for a joint research program on the upper mesosphere.
I am a space artist, being part of the first ever collective art gallery showcased in space inside the International Space Station in 2022.
I have been honoured with several awards including being recognized as the best young researcher by the European Space Agency (ESA), "Premio Italia Giovane" recognized by the Italian President of the Republic, listed as a Forbes 30 U30 international and Forbes 100 U30 Italy.
Since 2015 I have been following the growth of the New Space Economy in Europe, being directly involved with it. Proud SGAC member doing space advocacy, in support of the United Nations.
Besides my current affiliations, now I mainly work as a consultant for different companies, other than giving lectures and talks at events, schools and universities.

I am a mentor at Constellation programme and 'Wizard' for the Aurora Fellowship, supporting future generation of change makers.


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